All the events that have marked the life of the school
Goodbye Maxime!

"Fifaliana! Never has a school lived up to its name so well. My memories of these three years will include thousands of smiles from the radiant, adorable children, magnificent facilities and a superb team.
Fifaliana has been an incredible time for me: fulfilling, enriching, rich in emotions and encounters... I'd like to express my ...
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All hail seaside vacations!

As in previous years, the children's sense of wonder remained intact throughout the week of seaside classes in Morondava. Discovery of the sea and baobabs, pirogue and beach rides, fried fish and ice cream tastings, picnics and lounging... These are just some of the extraordinary activities that enabled the children to escape their daily lives...
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En route to the 4th bimester

After the Easter holidays, Fifaliana has a full complement of volunteers! Activities and classes continue in good spirits, with the end-of-year exams as a goal. Medical follow-up, meetings with parents, inclusive computer courses and dairy product distribution... Here are a few highlights from the past few weeks....
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3rd quarter review

The school year continues to run smoothly for all students. The teaching staff and volunteers have stepped up their activities to complement the teaching contained in the official curriculum. These include sports, hygiene, art, cooking, history and the environment. Here's a closer look at all these school and extracurricular activities....
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Christmas party and end of 2nd bimester

December was a busy month, with the departure of many volunteers, revisions, assessments and several outings. But the end of the year was especially marked by the school's Christmas. A beautiful show in the presence of the families, a delicious and copious meal and, of course, the distribution of gifts. Many thanks to all those who took part, ...
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At full throttle

After 3 months in operation, all Fifaliana activities are running at full speed. Canteen, classes, extracurricular activities... Thanks to a fine teaching team and the invaluable contribution of our volunteers, the children are redoubling their efforts to progress while having fun and opening up to new horizons....
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A bimester already

With the arrival of a large number of volunteers, activities are multiplying both during and outside the classroom. Thanks to the teaching materials and the support team, the children are learning while having fun. Outings and get-togethers are also taking place, while smiles are always omnipresent....
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Back to Good Habits

As every year, there were a few latecomers. But it is well over 150 children who have now returned to school at Fifaliana. From kindergarten to 5th grade, everyone received their school supplies kit. There have been some small changes in the teaching team, but otherwise it's business as usual: cafeteria, after-school activities and even a small nov...
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Vacation Full of Smiles

Since the end of the school year, activities have multiplied. The end of the school year was celebrated properly, with a big party and meal. After a short break, the school switched to summer camp mode and offered many hands-on and sports activities, remedial courses and field trips. All students are now ready to return to school in early September...
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Full of Activities

Only one month left until the end of the school year. Thanks to the work of the teaching team and the many volunteers who have recently arrived, many activities are being set up for the children. Academic support, hands-on activities, sports or field trips, everything needed to prepare for final exams in the best conditions....
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The Magic Moment

As last year, Fifaliana organized during the Easter holidays a one-week beach class. 28 lucky ones were thus able to go to Morondava, far from all the problems of their daily life, to spend a dream stay. Relaxing, discovering, having fun... a pictorial review of these unforgettable moments....
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The 3rd quarter ends with "School Days"

How fast time flies! The 3rd evaluations of the year took place ten days ago. Last week was the school days period. The students did a big full cleaning, then two whole days were devoted to after-school activities: sewing, cross country running, field trip, snack... Live these experiences with us and share the children's smiles.
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