Helping vulnerable children in Madagascar
Nursery and primary school
For poor and out-of-school children
To ensure an access to daily balanced meals
Inclusive classes
Giving access to disabled kids
or with special needs
Extracurricular activities
Making sure chikdren have access to
entertainment and culture
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Latest news
3rd quarter review

The school year continues to run smoothly for all students. The teaching staff and volunteers have stepped up their activities to complement the teaching contained in the official curriculum. These include sports, hygiene, art, cooking, history and the environment. Here's a closer look at all these school and extracurricular activities....
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Follow our daily activities and experience our school as if you were with us ! You can zoom in on the pictures and read the caption.
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Our actions
Nursery and primary school

Teaching 156 poor and handicapped chidlren in 5 primary grades and 2 nursery classes. The educational team is formed by 17 workers.

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Everyday, students and teachers receive a free balanced meal. It consists of rice with vegetables and fruits. We also have our own kitchen garden.

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Handicap inclusion

Thanks to our special needs teachers, handicapped children are included with able children. Some specific activities are organized individually.

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Extracurricular activities

Sport, culture, DIY, excursions... many activities are suggested to the kids, be they educational or recreational, to completed their education.

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10€ will cover the costs of school supplies, meals, and medical care for one child for one month. Every euro counts and will be used entirely for the children! All payments are quick and secure.

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You are a volunteer ?

Come in the field and give us a hand. Every kinds of skills are welcome. At any age, for any duration, we can all bring something significant to the children!


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